Eirik Johnson: Sawdust Mountain

This Henry ArtCast is a walk through of the exhibition Sawdust Mountain with the Artist Eirik Johnson, Chief Curator Elizabeth Brown, and Communications Director Betsey Brock. The subject of Eirik Johnson’s photographic series Sawdust Mountain is a natural environment altered and marked by humankind. This Northwest photographer explores 19th-century myths about a powerful and romantic West full of promise and bountiful assets, myths that are now replaced by 21st-century ecological concerns arising from the toll taken by natural-resource-based industries. Along the way a rural population has found itself cast adrift. Sawdust Mountain encompasses not only fisherman and hatchery specialists, lumber workers, and reforestation projects, but also the disenfranchised: abandoned buildings and vehicles, makeshift stores only one step above yard sales. Throughout Sawdust Mountain Johnson touches back to the epic scale and sublime beauty of Carleton Watkins’s photographs, some of the earliest known images of the region. The Henry Art Gallery will present a selection of works from Johnson’s Sawdust Mountain series, accompanied by 19th-century photographs from the University of Washington Special Collections by photographers such as Darius Kinsey.

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Explorations of Sound

+ROOM-ROOM is a pair of sound installations created by artists Yann Novak and Jamie Drouin. Using ambient sound gathered from seemingly identical galleries, the artists are able to subtlety articulate the unique aural architecture of each space.


Jamie Drouin & Yann Novak. +ROOM–ROOM preparation view.

This Henry Art Cast features a dialogue between Associate Curator Sara Krajewski and Exhibiting Artists Yann Novak and Jamie Drouin, Followed by interviews with visitors and gallery attendants and a short piece with local artist Reed Walton on the dissonant relationship between sound art and digital music. +Room – Room will be on exhibit in the north galleries through May 3rd, 2009. If you like sound – Give it a listen.


Jacob Dahlgren: Signs of Abstraction

Jacob Dahlgren is a painter, sculptor, and conceptual artist who works to a large extent with unconventional materials. The artist finds abstraction in everyday objects, which he employs to create dynamic interactive installations and performances. When arranged, the individual objects lose their intended function, their original value, and become part of something completely new.

This podcast features a lecture presented by Jacob Dahlgren for Forward, Back, Right, Left, on view in the East Gallery January 10, 2009 – April 19, 2009. In this lecture, Signs of Abstraction, Dahlgren discusses hard edge painting, seeing abstraction in everyday life, and his love of striped t-shirts. Following the lecture is an interview with the artist by University of Washington Honors Photo senior Sol Hashemi.


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Art on Campus: Kurt Kiefer + Jill G. Hardy

This two part episode features a tour of the art on campus with Former University of Washington Art Administrator Kurt Kiefer and Henry Art Gallery Associate Director for Communications and Outreach Betsey Brock, and an interview and online tour of an interactive website highlighting selected art on campus developed by University of Washington Museology student Jill G. Hardy.


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Eve Sussman: Surveillance, Narrative, and The Psychology of the Moving Image

This past November the Henry was proud to host visiting Artist, Eve Sussman for the opening of Adaptation and the Henry Open House. Prior to the opening on Thursday, November 20th we were joined by Eve Sussman, Jeff Wood, and Claudia de Serpa of The Rufus Corporation, an ad hock troupe of artists and performers, to discuss The Rape of the Sabine Women and other works.

Among the topics discussed in this lecture were; The Surveillance Gaze, photography before photography and Los Meninas, and The Imposition of Narrative.  Selected video works were viewed throughout the lecture from Sussman’s earlier projects as well as screen tests from Black and White, The Rufus Corporations current project based  on the work of renowned Russian national painter Kasimir Malevich.


Birds and Kids: Jean-Luc Mylayne and Family Day

In conjunction with the exhibition of photography by French photographer Jean-Luc Mylayne, the first segment of this ArtCast explores themes of subject matter, compositional elements, and color present in his work. This conversation with photojournalist and photographer Jill G. Hardy is accompanied by bird identification and commentary by local bird enthusiast Kris Lightner. The second segment of this episode features children talking about art during Family Day at the Henry on March 16th. Recess Monkey played to a packed auditorium before visitors folded origami birds, jumped rope with On the Double (Dutch), and saw exhibitions by Jean-Luc Mylayne, Dawn Cerny, and Kader Attia.


Designing the Museum

Design plays a complex role in the viewer’s experience of contemporary art. Both the architectural and graphic design of the space and words surrounding works in a museum require an intricate process in order to balance the artistic, interpretive, and aesthetic components within an exhibition. In conjunction with the architecture exhibition Kazuyo Sejima + Ryue Nishizawa / SANAA, this ArtCast focuses on the design process through two conversations. The first includes excerpts from a discussion between Sam Chermayeff and Lucy Styles of SANAA Studio and Ken Tadashi Oshima, Guest Curator of the exhibition and Assistant Professor in the Department of Architecture at the University of Washington. The second half of the episode features former Henry Art Gallery graphic designers Lynn Fleming and Kristin Waldon, who discuss their work at the museum and design elements created for the exhibition Dawn Cerny: We’re all going to die (except for you).


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